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community workshop

Corviale. The first time we went to visit it seemed uninhabited, silent, ghostly. A petrified mammoth, monolith. We asked ourselves how to approach it, how to erode its concrete walls and finally make them porous, make them resonate. The story of DIA, a sacred goddess worshiped in these areas long before Corviale was built, has come to meet us.


Through words, sounds, drawing, we involved the women of the Difference Donna anti-violence center and a group of children and adolescents of different nationalities who live in the neighborhood in different workshops. We tried together to evoke  the origin of the myth of Dia, the roots of a distant past when time and the temple were circular and this single long block of concrete was not yet imagined, when Dia she was celebrated as the female goddess of growth and regeneration.


Through this work we wanted to listen to another Corviale, not the stereotypical one of violence and abandonment but another founding myth, an eco-poietic myth to reconnect us to the different forms of life and resistance that live in this space. The wild, the uncultivated, the plants, the animals that populate these  places and that can compose a new vocabulary Marginal / Uncivil / Fragile / Resistant / In-festive / Wild / Migrant. A vocabulary of the margin, a Herbarium and a Bestiary to overturn the meanings and able to generate bio and social diversity.


With the support ofMagic Carpets / Creative EuropeAndCorviale City Laboratory.

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