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From North Africa to the Middle East.

Percussion with Marzouk Mejri

A unique opportunity for two days of study of North African and Middle Eastern percussion with the Tunisian master and musician Marzouk Mejri. Tunisian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has lived in Naples for over twenty years collaborating with musicians such as Jamese Senese, 99 Posse, Daniele Sepe and many others. He is the founder, together with the American trumpeter Charles Ferris, of Fanafara Station. The documentary "Vita di Marzouk", produced by RaiCinema and AlJazeera, was dedicated to him.

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We will study the languages ​​of instruments such as Darbouka and Bendir, practices of improvisation and memorization of rhythms through singing. From the Andalusian-Tunisian Nuba (maluf) to the Arabic Muweschahat, to the popular music of some countries of North Africa and the Middle East (fazzani, allagi, mdawar tunsi, Schaabi, dabka, khaligi).

The workshop is divided into two days - Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March - from 16.00 to 19.00. It will end with a short show / improvisation by the study group and with a party based on "Amazir" organic cous cous, produced in Tunisia by the small farmers of Tebourba thanks to the support of Marzouk.

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