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Modal Music Workshop with Peppe Frana

The feature that unites the major extra-European musical traditions is the presence of an articulated system of modes, often characterized by intricate melodic structures and refined microtonal nuances that can make understanding their performance not immediate even to musicians with a solid Eurocult training.

The workshop allows to explore the common basis between musical systems such as the Turkish-Ottoman Makam, the Arab Maqam, the Persian Dastgah and the Hindustano raga through practical exercises that will try to lead the participants to an immediate familiarity with the concept of mode and to the re-elaboration. creative of the traditional materials studied.


Peppe Frana was born in Salerno on October 19, 1986. He became passionate about rock from overseas and overseas at a young age and soon became the nightmare of the best electric guitar teachers in the area. In his twenties, he was struck by his interest in non-European modal music through the music of Ross Daly and began studying Turkish oud and other plectrum cordophones during frequent trips to Greece and Turkey, where he attended some of the most renowned masters: Yurdal Tokcan, Omer Erdogdular, Murat Aydemir, Daud Khan Sadozai, Ross Daly himself.

From the meeting with the members of the Micrologus Ensemble springs the interest for the music of the European Middle Ages and for the plectrum lute, of which he soon becomes one of the most appreciated soloists and teachers, specializing in the Italian fourteenth-century repertoire. Since 2013 he has been studying medieval lute at the Schola Cantorum Basilensis under the guidance of Crawford Young, inaugurating his first experience of academic music study. He graduated with honors in philosophy from the “L'Orientale” University Institute in Naples.

He regularly collaborates with many artists and musical projects in the field of ancient, oriental and extra-cult music including: Ensemble Micrologus, Ensemble Calixtinus, Ensemble Exaquier, Trenca, Cantsiléna, Ensemble Bahar, Radiodervish, Vinicio Capossela, carrying out a thriving concert activity in the most prestigious Italian and international festivals.

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