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A Newsstand for the Global Village. Community project

In Rome, 14 thousand families are waiting for a public housing.

If being poor is not decent, the house is made with what is found. A house with nothing.

On May 29, 2021, the Global Village “BÄRAKKÄ. A HOUSE WITH NOTHING ”, installation by the La Frangia collective, a physical denunciation of the policies in place that redistribute wealth and opportunities upwards, discharging social and environmental costs downwards. A dystopian artistic device to bring back to the center the theme of social and housing policies on which local and national administrations are seriously absent born from acommunity workshopsupported byAcademy of Fine Arts of Romeand carried out in collaboration withK_Alma Social Carpentryand the projectNewsstand of the Village.


"Rome is the capital of housing precariousness, where the lack of structural housing policies and the chase of so-called" emergencies "has deprived the inhabitants of the right to housing for decades", explains Silvia Paoluzzi ofTenants Union. "A city on the edge of which hundreds of people live in temporary housing, the shacks, whose existence is told in the operations of decoration of the Ama, which are however real evictions of people never registered by the administrations".  


"The Housing Policies Department is bogged down in bureaucracy and shortage of personnel, also lacking in fulfilling  to primary services, such as the disbursement of rent contributions, house vouchers, the allocation of social housing in availability - continues Paoluzzi - A condition further aggravated by the economic crisis that risks precipitating with the resumption of evictions from 1 July and layoffs. The Government remains blind and deaf to the real needs of the people for whom, even in the PNRR, there is no home plan that can restore a denied right that must be restored with the recovery of public and private buildings in abandonment to be allocated to families who have been waiting for years a council house ".

To download the BÄRAKKÄ manual:

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