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Coni Stella is a former factory that in the 1950s produced the famous Stella cone. Inside, a predominantly female group works and experiments. The tastes are assorted: there are visual artists, seamstresses, costume designers,   artisans, jewelers, light designers, a violinist, a photographer, an editor.

The following are part of Coni Stella:

Guendalina Salini, visual artist

Giulia Anita Bari, violinist and humanitarian worker

Sander Loonen and Fabiana Picciolilight designers of many shows that you see around in the best theaters in Europe. If you want to look for them, they are ARP.

Virginia Vittozzi who sews wonderful puppets from socks that are calledPodobis.

Lidia Sanna, artisan of jewels with recycled plastics. If you want to look for it è Thia Bijoux.

Claudia Coppola, costume designer

Geizel Ramirez, Cuban painter and toolmaker for cinema

Tobias, pianist of the Studio

Chiara Mogavero, dancer and painter

Coni Stella, which is the operational headquarters of La Frangia, has hosted various events and activities over the years.


Between these:

- theatrical performances (with the Semi Volanti company)

- presentation of books

- poetry reading

- history lessons (participating in the BellaStoria Festival )

- Giuseppe Frana's modal music workshop

- the North African percussion laboratory of Marzouk Mejri

- events in support of projects of associations that deal, in various ways , with the protection of human rights (Free and Integrated Reception, ITETERO Nursery and Primary School in Rwanda, Millemè, committed against gender violence)


Coni Stella participated in Open House and, from September 2019, is the permanent residence of the jazz string orchestra of Marco Omicini .

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