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La Frangia is a social promotion association and an artistic collective founded by Giulia Anita Bari - violinist and humanitarian worker - and Guendalina Salini , visual artist.


The association aims to narrate and denounce complex social situations in which human rights are trampled on. Through the tools of community art we develop artistic and research projects that arise from dialogue and co-creation with the communities (human and plant) with which we relate.


Since 2021 the collective has expanded, embracing in a deeper way the themes of musical research, in particular of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and strengthening the legs of the association through a more structured vision and design work. In fact, Federico Pascucci , musician and composer, and Martina Fattorini , designer and expert in tourism and interpreting, have joined the board of directors and the collective.


Giulia Anita Bari has an artistic and legal background. He studied violin at the Venice Conservatory of Music and International Relations and Human Rights at the University of Padua, specializing in European Union Law at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Florence, with a particular focus on the protection of non-EU workers. He has worked for numerous international organizations and NGOs in Italy and abroad (UNHCR, ActionAid, Oxfam, MEDU, SCI, Terra!), In particular as manager of field projects relating to the protection of foreign workers employed in agriculture. In recent years he has lived in Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia, working daily in the slums where agricultural workers mainly from sub-Saharan Africa live. Today he works as a violinist and is responsible for In Campo! Senza Corporale projects and for the Orchestra dei Braccianti for the Terra!


While working in the ghettos, he met Guendalina Salini , an artist from Rome with several national and international exhibitions to his credit. After studying in London where he confers a Master in Fine Art at Middlesex University, he begins to exhibit with art galleries and non-profit spaces. Guendalina Salini's aesthetic investigation revolves around themes of strangeness, loss, distance. The sense of disorientation from which it starts is seen as an opportunity for the genesis of new forms of identity, albeit transitory, to build or tell fragile, temporary, open, inclusive communities. This research is articulated through videos, installations, performances, photos and curatorial projects. He collaborates with various curators exhibiting in private galleries (Ex Elettrofonica, Francesca Antonini, ST Gallery) Art foundations (Fondazione Fendi, Fondazione Baruchello, Auditorium-Fondazione Musica per Roma) Film Festival (Locarno, Rome) also exhibits in various museums and institutional spaces (Macro, MAXXI, Italian Geographic Institute), and in art fairs in Milan, Turin, Paris, London, Istanbul, Buenos Aires.


Guendalina Salini's works can be viewed at the following links:

Guendalina Salini

Exelettrofonica Gallery

La Frangia has its registered office in Calabria , in Drosi , a small fraction of the Municipality of Rizziconi (RC), where for years the community has been experimenting with forms of welcoming foreign workers in the uninhabited houses of the town.


The headquarters of the association is in Rome in the Studio Coni Stella , a historic ice cream cone factory from the 1960s.

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