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Short movie

Poster Film.jpg

Director: Guendalina Salini

Subject: Guendalina Salini, Giulia Anita Bari

Texts: Giulia Anita Bari

Production: La Frangia & Tangram Film Srl

Format: HD

Duration: 20 '

Language: Italian & English

The city and the sky is a participatory video project. The video, shot in Calabria between the Piana di Gioia Tauro and the Aspromonte, tells the meeting between a group of men and women of different ages and geographical origins and their search to "make a home".


It is they, the displaced, the displaced, who make up a provisional but possible community, a mirage that vibrates with vitality and beauty but that a breath of wind could blow away.


In the background, the dramatic reality of the shanty town of San Ferdinando (RC) where the seasonal laborers live and where, during the shooting of this film, Sekine Traorè , a Malian laborer who was fatally wounded by the weapon of a carabiniere at the interior of a shack.


It is the death of Sekine that pushes the narrative to move between two floors : the "below", represented by the shacks and unfinished buildings of the Piana di Gioia Tauro, and the "above", the ruins of Amendolea, a place emptied of the Italy of bone that becomes the symbolic theater of a meeting and reconstruction ritual.


Calabria, as a symbol of many other places, near and far. Of a haemorrhage of people looking for a home and, at the same time, of entire empty villages; of a sick, dried up and desertified body to take care of.



The characters emerge among the ruins like surreal paintings, weaving a story shared by several voices and re-inhabiting the space with actions, gestures, words, sounds. Among them also Aboubakar Soumahoro, Ivorian union leader and political reference for many foreign agricultural workers.


The narration is interspersed with the appearance, among the ruins, of a carpet of salt, an impermanent work of the artist. The carpet, home of those who have no home, bed, place of prayer, tablecloth, cradle, bag.


Salt , a more precious polysense element than gold, which has drawn part of the history of the Mediterranean peoples. Salt as a possibility to preserve, to overcome seasonality, to preserve nourishment; salt as the root of "wisdom".


A magic carpet of salt , detached from the sea water to rescue the people who try to cross it.


The quotation from Giovanni Bellini's “Sacred Allegory” concludes, imagining a finally pacified relationship between culture and nature.


A message of life in contrast with the uprooting of peoples and the exploitation of men and the earth.


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