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The RIPARO exhibition presents a preview of a choral work Souvenir d'Italie resulting from a three-day workshop promoted by the La Frangia association thanks to the collaboration with InMigrazione , Ali and Civico Zero .


The workshop - led by Guendalina Salini and Giulia Anita Bari in collaboration with Marco Stefanelli and Ginevra Sammartino - involved young women and men of various ages and nationalities. The theme investigated together was, in fact, that of "shelter". What is the place for us to shelter? What is our idea of ​​"home", internal or external? What name do we give it? Where is it? On the earth, among the leaves, on the moon or simply in someone else's body.




The exchange and narration of the memories of all the participants took place through experiments in ludo-pedagogy and self-narration, such as the circle of the story. The shared stories, in their uniqueness, have become the heritage of the community.


In a second moment, each of the participants put their manual skills into play and built their "house" in clay. Some were "soundtracked" by inserting small recorders inside that transmitted the voices and subire collected by the participants. These artifacts were exhibited in the "RIPARO" exhibition held at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation in Rome, building a relational and participatory work.

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